2015 Golf Tournament Schedule┬áComing soon…

All golf tournaments at Muskeg Meadows Golf Course are open to the public unless otherwise noted. $25 cash entry fee, unless otherwise noted, is required at the door. Must be 18+ years of age to participate.

Golfers may choose their own team, or be chosen for a team during “Best Ball/Shot” ┬átournaments.

In our version of Best Ball, Shot or Scramble, each player tees off on each hole. The best of the tee shots is selected and all players play their second shots from that spot. The best of the second shots is determined, then all play their third shots from that spot, and so on until the ball is holed.

*All tournament formats are subject to change.

Wrangell Golf Club, Inc. Muskeg Meadows Golf Course official scorecards 2014-2016 seasons.


Scorecard layout  reverse

Scorecard layout-1


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