The last week of July, each year, Wrangell is home to the annual Bearfest convention, celebrating bears with education and events. The Bearfest organization sponsors Muskeg Meadow’s Bearfest Golf Tournament.

Visit the Bearfest website for info and schedules


The last week of April, each year, Wrangell hosts the Stikine River Birding Festival during the spring migration of bald eagles and shore birds that congregate in Wrangell and nearby at the mouth of the Stikine River. One of the scheduled activities is a morning bird walk through Muskeg Meadows.

Our golf course is a favorite spot of local birders for early morning and late evening walks. Please be careful and courteous when the course is open for golf.

Bird Habitats: Forest, Urban, Freshwater, Shrub

Watch for: warbler species, tree swallow, Wilson’s snipe, hairy woodpecker, northern flicker, fox sparrow, golden-crowned sparrow, pacific-slope flycatcher, ruby-crowned kinglet

Convention Center – James & Elsie Nolan Center

Nolan Center

Wrangell, is the ideal escape for business meetings, brainstorming sessions, revitalizing retreat and reunions.

The quiet solitude encourages effective meetings and creative thought. Located in the heart of the Inside Passage, Wrangell is a 2 hour flight from Seattle, Washington on Alaska Airlines.

Care to feel inspired by majestic mountains and beautiful glaciers? From Bear viewing, whale watching, fishing, glacier viewing or a jet boat tour up the mighty Stikine River. Wrangell has all of the little extras that you are looking for.

The state of the art James & Elsie Nolan Center is located in historic town center. Lodging, shops, restaurants, galleries and entertainment are all within easy walking distance.

The James & Elsie Nolan Center offers two meeting rooms with ample meeting space for small meetings or retreats.

The Civic Center is a very spacious room that can be used for larger meetings or gatherings.

The small theater seating room for small meeting needs or break out sessions.

The lobby, museum, kitchen and visitor center are also available for rentals. Office services, internet cafe as well as wireless internet available throughout the facility.